How to carry out tire wheel alignment

How to carry out tire wheel alignment

Four-wheel positioning of automobile tires is an effective method to ensure the stability of the vehicle. Four-wheel positioning is generally carried out when the vehicle is in a state of deviation, bumps, etc., specifically mentioned below.

Method / step

If the steering wheel is positive during driving, the car is off-track, indicating that the tire may be unbalanced. This situation should be carried out as soon as possible to the maintenance point for four-wheel positioning.

If the car feels that the tire is very noisy when running, and the vehicle is awkward, there may be a problem with the car tire balancing. If you continue to open it is prone to problems, serious tires will eat tires or deformation, you should check the tires as soon as possible.

When looking for a repair point, you should not be too casual. You have to go to a regular maintenance store. Because the four-wheel alignment equipment is very expensive, the general store will not buy expensive. Their cheap positioning facilities are very poor, and the quality of maintenance is difficult to guarantee.

When four-wheel positioning, you need to park the car in the appropriate card slot, so you must control the speed of the car, listen to the instructions of the maintenance master, and then tighten the handbrake and hang up the gear after stopping the car.

When a car is doing four-wheel positioning of a tire, it is necessary to be optimistic about the operation of the maintenance worker. Do not let the tire damage the tires, because some hand-made repairmen are prone to misplaced, and it is troublesome to injure the tires. You should point out in time.